Ballot festival

As the festival of election campaigning is at its peak, I feel very happy to notice that everyone is quite serious and work oriented. People are making long discussions and strategies before casting their vote. They have forgotten every basic requirements and discussing foreign trade with China, bilateral relationship with Pakistan, appreciation from World top countries and Corporate corruption.
My happiness is with every voter because his basic fundamental rights again become the weapons of political manifestos as they again forget about free quality education, free healthcare, road connectivity, quality medicines and old age pension, disability care and unemployment.
I really appreciate the courage of democratic representatives who are making promises again while forgetting all previous made during last five years.
Ajay Bhushan,

Very well written and composed by the writer. Relevant in today’s time.
Writer has brought out many issues related to elections. A great work done by the writer. Kudos to both the writer and Editor of Daily Excelsior.
Rahul Choudhary
on e-mail

It is after a long time that an article of such a task has passed through my eyes. It has very well highlighted the predicament of the voters and the negligent attitude of the law makers. These legislators literally bow before the voters during the elections, as do the voters when legislators enjoy power and pelf when in power.
There is indeed a good lesson for these politicians in the write-up. The question remains whether they listen to Vox Populi.
Veer Singh