The cage and the bird

Iron ores were melted for the cage,
Bird’s smiles are packed in the cage,
Sacks the birds wings before the fly,
Iron are touches thee,
Free moments with dancing flies,
Ease is far in the crowded flies,
Birds dance along with companions fly,
Ignorance of dark covers the eyes.
Bird searches rivulets,
Plays with the wet to touch the colours,
Peeps into the sober heart,
Joy dyes the silent colours.
Sweet flies with thirst,
Determines the determination to catch the flying colours,
Ugly net waits to crush,
Bird’s tiny heaven ends in fun,
Birds flutter lot for the fraction pride,
Slowly slowly closes the eyes,
Wishes soft flow of colours for remaining thee,
Injures the soft skin,
And composes melodious songs for far flight,
Heart recollects the flies,
Cage looks like a blue sky,
Wishes, No bird should land near by,
Heart dreams for noble to descend,
May open door for landing near the riverbed,
Lucky re-births to deep frozen eyes,
Joy enhances with the imaginary flight,
Existence of noble, flickers in deep eyes,
Touch, Touch-Touch not cagey rods,
Injured bird feathers forecast signs.
Ashok Vasudeva


Tapestry of Life


In the tapestry of time, we find our place,
A journey filled with wonder, love, and grace.
Life’s canvas painted with both light and shade,
A symphony of moments that never fade.
From the first breath of a newborn’s cry,
To the final sigh of a last goodbye,
In youth, we chase our dreams and hopes,
With boundless energy and endless scope,
To cherish the moments, both big and small,
To embrace the imperfections, flaws, and all,
In the laughter shared and tears we weep,
In friendships formed, and secrets we keep.
Life’s a gift, a chance to shine and grow,
To learn, to love, to let our spirits flow,
So seize the day, and let your heart ignite,
For in this fleeting moment, we find our light.
From the cradle to the unknown end,
A saga of hearts that break and mend,
Embracing change, we find our way,
Through endless night to brighter day,
Through trials that test the spirit’s might,
And moments bathed in soft moonlight,
We learn to cherish, love, and forgive,
For this life we have is ours to live.
In the symphony of joy and strife,
In the ebb and flow of moments rife,
There’s beauty found in each despair,
A resilience that’s beyond compare.
In every heartbeat, in every sigh,
In every low, in every high,
Life’s poetry, cosmic dance,
With grace of God life is romance.
(Jagjeet Singh Bhadwal)

In the Wake of Time

The man can not stop
Going ahead though
He often looks back
With mistry eyes as
Emotions choce his
So expressive voice
For something of him
He has left behind
In the wake of Time…!
(Surat Singh)