Take calculated risks, decide and act

This was the message given by the Lt. Governor Girish Chandra Murmu to the officers , bureaucrats and all others in the decisions making capacity in Jammu and Kashmir to shun the habit and policy to remain “safe and unscathed ” by not taking any action rather than taking one in the interests of the people and behave boldly. Playing safe and sticking to a mindset of avoiding taking critical decisions were antidotes of development as such approach, when in plethora in administrative structure, could set at naught the implementation of various welfare schemes in time and with full gusto. The public suffered as a consequence which cannot be allowed any more.
In fact, such approach should be treated as non performance or sheer inefficiency and there are already provisions available how to deal with that situation. Good governance should not be treated as an utopian and conceptual term and at best considered to be the baby of some top functionaries in the Government only but when an operator in charge of PHE Department ensures that the supply valve of water to a locality in his charge was opened in right time or power supply was provided in a locality uninterruptedly by the concerned PDD official unless some exigencies were there and an official in a public department was available at his or her seat right in time and throughout the duty timings, a teacher sincerely and with devotion attended to the students in the class and the like, that was good governance. Times have changed and to be in public service means hard work with devotion at whatever level and with results, Jammu and Kashmir is in dire need to have that culture as principle of working.