Terrorism retards economic growth

Modern economics is all about the studying of how people produce, trade and use goods and services, it is also about how Governments interact with one another to maximise the fulfilment of the needs of their people through the use of scarce resources, international trade and co-operation. We know that Karl Marx advocated fundamental revolution in the society in relation to the exploitation of labour and economic injustice under capitalistic system. That really was a great idea but modern economists must find out the new type of exploitation which was achieved under duress, force, barbaric violence and imposition of medieval radicalised outlook to disturb not only the social equilibriums but the apparatus with the Governments which aimed at bettering the lot of their people. This was the despicable force of terrorism and strangely this ‘subject’ has so far not been taken for extensive study and research by modern economists to dish out startling economic casualties that this most elusive and ruthless anti economic growth and retarder of general prosperity was aiming at through its detestable activities.
These economists could borrow ideas, seriously speaking , from our Prime Minister, representing the country which is the worst victim of terrorism , who has calculated net loss of the unimaginably huge and whooping amount of $1 trillion to the world economy on account of terrorism. This revelation by any standards could form the basis of taking up by modern economists varied economic subjects which had a direct impact from the scourge of terrorism for research and analysis to dive further deep to assess how scarce economic resources were diverted to halt and contain the affliction of terrorism by the affected countries.
Why should those countries directly hit by terrorism and for decades continuously not calculate, besides human losses, how much it cost them to fight terrorism and keep on spending money at the cost of other priorities on the mechanism to keep terror and acts of terror at bay ? Prime Minister Narindra Modi has, therefore, set the ball rolling in the courtyard of at least the countries like Brazil , Russia , China and South Africa, the important constituents of BRICS and attending, including India, its 11th summit and from its platform at Brasilia to all other countries where either the menace was not felt or as yet not felt in threatening proportions and all those who were hard hit and continued to be affected by this curse . Societies have been uprooted and destroyed besides developmental projects and normal economic activities being throttled to wreak havoc by money laundering, funding of terror activities with proceeds of sale of and trafficking in drugs and narcotic substances .
Could the voice raised by Narindra Modi at the platform from Brazil’s Brasilia city echo world over to result in underlining his concerns about the phenomenal loss the world economy cumulatively suffered on account of terrorism and how it intensely harmed trade and business, slowing down the economic growth of the fast developing nations. That the economic growth of the developing nations has plummeted by more than 1.5 per cent due to terrorism was not a thing to be brushed aside, instead it called for intense international cooperation to fight it to the finish and penalise those countries where terrorism sustained , its cadre got indoctrinated and got logistic support to trouble other countries, in particular neighbouring ones like India.
That over a decade only as many as 2.25 lakh people have perished in terror related violence should get focussed attention by all the countries of the world. Personal liberty, freedom of thought, way of living life , ways to pursue personal faith and traditions, general peace , tranquillity , economic progress, democratic values and co-existence all stood greatly imperilled and even grossly threatened.