Stranded non-local labourers want to go home, stage protest

Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar, May 22: Scores of non-local labourers today protested against the administration for not facilitating their travel back home in different states of the country.
The labourers belonging to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal assembled outside the Press Colony premises and demanded that they should be sent home.

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“We have been tested and since February we are demanding that we should be sent home, however, the administration has not heard our pleas so far,” the labourers said.
The labourers currently living in different parts of Srinagar district and other adjoining districts said that the administration was not taking their issues seriously and with the result they are suffering on various fronts.
“Many of us are facing the scarcity of food and other essential things while we live here; while the labourers across the country are being sent to their respective places, why is not being anything done to send us home,” they said.
They said that they have been tested by the administration, but they want to go home and have been conveying the same to the Government, which has, as per them, looked the other way with regard to their miseries.
“Nobody is working; there is no work amid lockdown, we are not earning a penny-in such a situation, how are we going to pay the rent or even get anything to eat,” they said.
The labourers said that they were in trying circumstances, away from the family in the absence of required resources. “Everybody stranded has been, or is being sent back home, why is not anyone taking us seriously,” they asked.
They demanded that the Government should put in place all the necessary arrangements in order to send them home without any further delay.
“The Government must understand the gravity of the situation and should facilitate our travel back home without delaying it any further,” they said.