Stories that interest one and all

O P Sharma
This 112-page book authored by eminent writer, Sunita Bhadwal “Ik Faisla Hor “ is a collection of stories in Dogri.
It contains 18 stories under very interesting titles like ; Tirth; Partha; Rang; Ik Faisla Hor ; Sukhana; Sma; Safar; Chotu and others. The author has written short stories suiting the taste and temperament of the women catering to their psychological, social and cultural settings . The language is simple, direct and related to the daily routine household life. Her all other stories are illuminating, sustaining interest and instructive conveying useful and meaningful messages to the readership. These stories hold the interest of the readers till the very end of the narratives and impart moral values .
Most of the stories, directly or indirectly, touch upon sensitive issues related to females as also their rising aspirations and long-standing problems. She not only pin-points the issues but also seeks to suggest solutions for their forward movement. This Dogri writer has sufficient experience of life and also much confidence to give expression through her creative faculty.
Her maiden Dogri publication titled Ik Faisla Hor is a presentation of living stories which drew applaud from the literary circles as well as the common readership. This has established her popularity as a Dogri short stories writer in addition to being a leading researcher and drama artist.
Absorbing stories
Her book contains interesting 18 short stories with real life characters, well-knit plots, chaste Dogri idioms and distinct style of narration, based on traditional as well as current burning issues of the present day context and Duggar’s social system. Sunita Bhadwal’s emphasis is also on the issues related to females: their present socio-economic conditions and future prospects. She advocates the cause and consequences of denial of due rights to women.
Vast Canvas
All other stories by Sunita Bhadwal are illuminating, interesting and instructive conveying the meaningful messages to the readership.
Om Goswami the eminent Dogri writer has a high opinion about the literary merit of the book and good word for its author.
Om Goswami an eminent writer and ex-Addl. Secretary, J&K State Cultural Academy , in his written foreword of this book expressed appreciation for the Dogri short stories in it and speaks about the style and substance of Ik Faisla Hor. The book has enriched the Dogri language and its literature, Goswami opined.
Real Life Characters
While, Sunita Bhadwal in her Apne Pasaya Doo Shabad (Two works from the writer) has stated that she has shared her life time facts and experiences. She holds that her stories are intimately connected with life, especially issues connected with the women.
Sunita Bhadwal’s latest book under review; Ik Faisla Hor is a finely produced publication, written in lucid style, simple language and well narrated short stories will certainly interest all the Dogri readers. This well produced book is worth to be kept in our personal book shelves and also in the public libraries.