Science of Bhumi Pujan

Sunil Seth
While attending ‘ Bhumi Pujan’ ceremony at my friend’s place ,an idea struck my mind as to what exactly was the science behind this. In the ancient times, suitability of the site for buildings was ascertained by carrying out various tests categorized as ‘ Bhumi Prikshas’ and the individual components were then oriented with the help of the principles of the art of Vastu Shastras’. Vastu Shastra, working on the concepts of ‘Energy Balance’, as the ‘Celestial Balance’ is all because of ‘Gravitational Energy’, and the Earth being part of this Celestial World has a magnetic field too. Any distortion in this flow of magnetic grid is going to disturb the energy balance of any and every “Living Object” inhabiting this Mother Earth. Effect of Magnetic Field has a very dominant effect on even the ‘Non Living’ features of this earth, which can very well be visualized in the phenomenon of ‘Tides’, where in even the ‘Oceans’, respond to the effects of this ‘Gravitational Pull’. Why would our “Brain”, merely being of 456 gms on an average, that too being made of the softest of tissues, governing all the functions of the human body not be affected , whether positively or negatively , depending on its consonance or discordance with the magnetic grid of the earth and its changing position in the celestial world because of its rotational and revolutionary feature. ‘Architects and Engineers’, in the ancient times were particular in selecting the sites based on those principles but now in recent times this aspect of ‘Spatial Planning’ is rarely being taken care of. Recent studies in this field has brought forth a new type of ” Stress”, being named as ” Geopathic Stress”, the biggest contributor towards undermining both the body’s subtle energies ( Chakras and Meridians) and the body’s electrical systems(Brain, Heart and Muscles), thus delaying the healing and the recovery thereof. The idea of this stress as a factor in ill health is now being widely accepted and the effects on the body are relatively well documented also; the true range of the cause is not so much in evidence as yet.”Geopathic Stress”, as a link to ill health, is usually ignored as most people are unaware of its presence. What exactly is this Geopathic Stress? This can be attributed to the stress being generated because of the structural changes on the Earth’s surface. Redistribution of loads on the Earth in the form of civil structures viz. Artificial Islands, High Rise Buildings, Mammoth Water Structures like Dams, Leveling of Mountains, Changes in the existing Natural Waterways, Boost to Tunneling as a new mode of conveyance are all a contributory factors for the distortions to the natural magnetic balance whether inside or the surrounding atmosphere of the EARTH; it being totally engulfed in the sea of ‘Radiations’. This imbalance, having a direct bearing on the physiological cellular structure of the living beings, has led to their higher susceptibility to the diseases. The concept of Geopathic Stress , its effect on the environment and the implications of this on the individual’s healing process need to be given a due thought. A new challenge is being faced by the Health Care Professionals who are dedicated to the development of holistic care to further their understanding and awareness of this new phenomenon beyond the ‘ Allopathic’ world of treating the erstwhile diseased bodies . Here comes the concept of ‘Spatial Planning’ – the planning which will least disturb the Magnetic Balance of the Earth- having relevance to the Architects and the Civil Engineers. Stress Management is primarily the management of the distortions of natural frequencies of the Earth’s Vibrations by weak Electromagnetic fields created by streams of water flowing underground, geological fault lines, underground caverns and certain mineral deposits. Constant transformation in the geological features on the surface of the Earth in lieu of the infrastructural development is disturbing the erstwhile natural balance in the magnetic grid of the Earth, thereby ,inducing the ‘Geopathic Stress’ , a new entrant to the list of already man made stresses. It has the potential of weakening the immune system of the mammals living above the permissible levels , leading to greater susceptibility to viruses, bacteria, parasites and environmental pollution and a wide range of physical and psychological health problems , where in, biological rhythms ,physical well being and mental states are all dependent on our electrical brainwave systems. Research work of Ernst Hartmann, a German Scientist , concluded that Cancer is a disease of ‘LOCATION’, pointing towards the seriousness of the ‘Universal Problem of Geopathic Stress’. Another scientist, Bergmann, found the Geopathic Stress effects on Blood Sedimentation, Blood Circulation, Heart Beat, Breathing, Skin Resistance and Electrical Conductivity of Muscle Points. Scientifically , the effect of these negative radiations can be detected and corrected. One more Nail in the Coffin is the’ Electromagnetic Radiations’, being emitted from Telco Power, Power lines, Appliances ,Computers, Laptops, Tablets ,Wireless Devices, Mobile Phones.World Health Organization (WHO) too has classified that the radio frequency electromagnetic fields are carcinogenic to ‘Humans’. Hence comes the management of Radiations, whether ‘Geopathic or Electromagnetic’, the purpose is to create a healthier and radiation free environment , thus, reducing the risk of illness and stress levels by neutralizing the impact of these radiations. In fact the cells of the Human Body get affected by EMR and are not able to communicate with one another effectively .Microwaves emitted by these devices interfere with the normal random waves emitted by the Human Body. Our children deserve to inherit a safe and healthier environment besides the physical inheritances which will only be enjoyed if they have a sound body and mind. Everyone seems to forget one of the most vital issues in the era of ‘Digital World’ namely the ‘Radiations’. Children are more vulnerable to radiations as their skull is thinner and they have smaller brains.
The softer brain tissues allow radiations to penetrate deeper, thereby , reducing the immunity and increasing their susceptibility to diseases. Exposure to radiations also leads to weak eye sight, impaired learning, impact on emotional well being, nervous system disorders, behavioral disorders like attention deficit, hyper activity disorder, autism and asthma. New National Legislation and Agency for Health in France has passed a law , banning the use of Wi-Fi and all Wireless devices in Nursery Schools .Israel too has imposed a ban on the use of Wi-Fi in Kinder Gartens. In fact, the Electro-Magnetic Radiations may be the most significant form of pollution the human activity has produced this century; all the more dangerous than already existing and the never ending lists of pollutions , it being invisible and insensible.
This has necessitated the emergence of a new science by the name of ‘Environics’. The radiations from the never ending list of Electronic Gadgets can be changed to minimize the impact on Human Beings. A chip has been developed to take care of the ill effects of Electromagnetic radiations. It stands already implemented in more than 2000 establishments, it being easy in the implementation during new constructions and already constructed structures too.
No structural or layout change is required. It can be applied in one’s work place as well as living spaces. The fact that the human body is all the times fully engulfed by these radiations and a person now- a- days spending 12-20 hours inside the buildings, fully under the influence of these radiations, necessitates the making of these buildings ‘Radiation Free’. Since the developmental activities are not being given a break, the main contributor to the Geopathic Planning; the structures, whether official , commercial or residential have to be the” Radiation Responsible Structures i.e. free from the Radiations “, which can be made sustainable and safer by combining the “Ancient knowledge” of “Vastu” and the “Dynamism” of the “Modern Technology.”