Stop illegal constructions in Gulmarg

In the name of conducting repair works, several hoteliers are trying to be more smart in carrying on full fledged construction of more rooms and accommodation in blatant violation of rules. Greed for earning more money by resorting to such illegal methods should never be allowed to take place. These violators have shown the gumption of disregarding the directives of the State High Court which have banned any constructions in this tourist resort. It looks strange that those who are supposed to disallow and dismantle such constructions are appearing to turn to the other side , if not actively conniving with such persons.
And it is not in respect of one hotel or anything like that, but as many as five hotels have undertaken such massive constructions and that too, in the middle of forests. It is highly unacceptable as if this trend is not stopped effectively; this beautiful tourist spot is likely to turn into a jungle of concrete instead of lush green pine trees. We urge the concerned authorities, especially the Gulmarg Development Authority to immediately look into the violation of HC directives and other standing rules and pull down such structures constructed or under construction illegally to send clear message to prospective violators to save Gulmarg and its beauty and sheen.