Srinagar bridges awaiting completion

It may be the Cement Bridge or the Qamarwari bridge, Pandrethan bridge or any other, the construction work on them continues to be in fits and starts and many a time having jumped timelines only because of “paucity” of funds.
Fixing time lines is just an administrative formality unless fully backed up by the money required or releasing of the funds without disruptions unless reasons are otherwise. These two bridges in particular are awaiting completion for the last many years. Qamarwari Bridge, it may be noted, has historical importance in that being the first bridge¬† built over River Veth or River Jehlum having been constructed¬† concrete or “in cement ” hence the Cement Bridge. This bridge is important for areas like old city, Soura, Hazratbal, Ganderbal etc connecting with North Kashmir.
Likewise, Pandrethan bridge too is vital as it connects areas like Lasjan, Soiteng, Pathshai Bagh etc to National Highway. The people are put to inconvenience on account of these “Work under Progress” bridges lament about the indifferent and lackadaisical approach of the concerned authorities not bothering about the difficulties faced by them.
Several timelines have been jumped by these bridges as funds not being available force the contractors to suspend work on them till funds in smaller doses or installments are released and then again stopped. People have to use alternate modes like overcrowded boats or walk through heavily traffic congested routes to reach their destinations. Students, women and the old are facing more difficulties.
Roads and Building Department and other concerned State authorities need to look into the matter on priority as the work on these bridges was started as early as in 2011.


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