Pakistan shamed though not named

Daring taking the issue of terror right into the home of the comrade of Pakistan, which is abettor and provider of safest haven to terrorists, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj made it clear in Beijing while attending Shanghai Cooperation Organisation   – council of Foreign Ministers meeting that the basic human rights were greatly imperiled by the threat of terrorism and the need to fight it out being imperative was made known in the meeting where Pakistan Foreign Minister Khawaja  Mohamad  Asif too was present.
China, the “Chum” of Pakistan is the only country in the world, which for demanding its own pound of flesh on a regular basis from its “friend” by exploiting the natural resources of many areas of PoK and using even Pakistan’s direct land, resources and cheap human capital in exchange for just keeping it in good humour by not joining the global chorus against the Pakistani terrorist JeM Chief Masood Azhar. When, on the other hand, it comes slightly to sprouting some form of terror in any of its parts, China ruthlessly crushes it to its  finish but to play “India Card” which Pakistan feels as a political and diplomatic act of emboldening it, it matters nothing much .
China Pakistan Economic Corridor is one of the binding factors of the chumminess between the two countries wherein Pakistan has foregone its vital interests as China is to use this corridor for its military purposes. Since China is equally rather more interested in commerce, this corridor was to give China a competitive edge to its exports and other trade. Compromising its territorial integrity, this corridor is passing across Pakistan from Gwadar to Xinjiang  in China. In exchange in the name of a few rail and power projects, Pakistan feels happy in particular about China’s military support to it and indirect support to its manufacturing and exporting terror. This conference of External Affairs has discussed terror, its causes and its sanctuaries by Indian External Affairs Minister which carries lot of diplomatic importance. Otherwise too, Pakistan stands isolated internationally like never before.
Exploiting this to the hilt against Pakistan, Sushma Swaraj fastidiously spoke about India’s stand on terrorism while addressing the SCO meeting. “Terrorism being the enemy of life, peace and prosperity and that the criminal terrorist militias are not impeded by borders as they seek to destroy the architecture of international stability and build walls of fear in societies that believe in pluralism.”
This country, for thousands of years, as a proud greatest civilization, has been the propounder of pluralism which the terrorists want to demolish mercilessly to establish their sway and their ideological fascism. This is precisely the message as well as the word of utter caution by India, being the worst sufferer of terrorism for more than three decades, to the polity of nations which most of them appreciated though belatedly and only after getting unawares as to how terror snaked into their countries.
The need to establish comprehensive convention on International Terrorism must be felt now more than before  about which India raised its voice in the UN  nearly more than two decades ago.  The fight against terror must set aside differences of whatever nature between the countries .The noteworthy point is the stress laid by the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj not only on the clarion call to eliminate terror but to identify and take strong measures against states that encourage, support and finance terrorism and provide sanctuary to terrorists. Though Pakistan was not directly named by her but in veiling, was fully shamed.


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