SPOs’ honorarium hiked

Special Police Officers (SPOs) of Jammu and Kashmir Police have reasons to feel happy as their monthly honorariums have been readjusted commensurate with their length of service which stands at Rs. 6000 , Rs. 9000 , Rs. 12000 and Rs.15000 for less than three, three and above , five and ten years respectively. Those of the SPOs who have completed 15 years of their service would be entitled to receive Rs. 18000 per month.
The hike was not only overdue but justified too looking to the high cost of living index and the nature of their critical duties. The Union Home Ministry responded without any loss of time to the proposal of the State Government in granting the hike which would be effective from this very month. Needless to add, the entire financial burden of the payment of monthly honorarium to the SPOs posted in Jammu and Kashmir State is being borne by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.