Scintilating stories by Suman Pal

O P Sharma

This 120-page short story book entitled ” Dastak” in Hindi by well known writer and former Station Director, AIR, Suman Pal is gradually gaining ground in the literary circles and among the general public. It is a collection of 18 absorbing short stories in Hindi which grip the interest of the readers and leave a lasting impact on the readers.
” Dastak” is second publication by Suman Pal as she has already to her credit the book ” Sehar Hu Tumara” which was a collection of the poetic composition in Hindi. She has her own unique flair for expression of her experiences and emotions with meaningful flight of imagination. Suman Pal has depth of ideas and is endowed with command over the language. Her style of writing in simple language with art of free flow of narration keep sustained interest in each story.
Suman Pal’s present venture ” Dastak” containing 18 absorbing short stories: particularly “Nai Subha” “Maa Ki Churia”, “Kandha”, ” Darbaja”” Itini Se Baat”, “Chhachaji Ki Pant”, ” Chori”, ” Ma Ka Janam” and “Dastak” among few others which are interesting as also deeply connected with every day life .
Having wide-range of experience in life and also with keen sense of observation, this writer has used her talent for literary expression in weaving stories with real life characters. It is a mark of her style that her characters are like real-life blooded having emotions and sentiments. The stories are depiction of life in its variety of range which may have happened in her personal life.
Padam Shree Dr Jatendra Udhampuri, former Station Director, AIR, Jammu and recipient of Sahitya Akademi award has written the ” Foreword” of this book and appreciated the literary merit of Suman Pal’s writing skill and style. Anjali Sharma, former Station Director, AIR has also expressed good word for the absorbing stories by Suman Pal in the book under review.
I have gone through the book and found it very interesting and full of lessons of real life.
This 120-page book is well produced and printed finely on a quality paper. I feel that it is good reading material for the general readership. The contribution of Suman Pal is praiseworthy as she is still serving the society though her writings and much more is still expected .

Name of the book:
Dastak ( Short stories in Hindi)
Author: Suman Pal
Highbrow Publications, Bari Brahmna, Jammu
Pages: 120
Price: Rs 250