Gulzar’s poetry ‘Triveni’ in Hindi too

” Gulzar” is a famous name of Urdu poetry, in filmdom and a prolific author of dozens of books of essays, short stories, film writing, as director, producer of films but he is also known also for having invented a new sort of poetry called ‘Triveni’. Actually ‘Triveni’ is a ‘Sangam’ of Ganga, Yamuna and ‘Saraswati’ rivers. Though Saraswati is not visible being underground in Prayagraj ( previously Allahabad in UP), the unique style of Gulzar’s poetry is particularly admirable.
Triveni is a stanza of four-lines where third line has been kept blank but the meaning of the stanza is visible in fourth line. Padam Bhushan and recipient of Sahitya Akedemi awardee, Gulzar who’s real name is Sampuran Singh Kalra born at Dinain Jhelum ( now in Pakistan) has written in unique style his Urdu poetic composition entitled “Triveni” which has been now translated by renowned writer Piare Hatash into Hindi, thus bringing this literary piece to still much wider readership.
Mr Hatash is a well known writer of Urdu, Hindi and Kashmiri, who has transcribed ‘Triveni’ into Hindi and has distinction of having qualified three post-graduations (Hindi, Urdu and English) and credit of having penned over three dozen books.
The foreword of this translation book has been written by Dr. Rajni Bala, Head of P-G Hindi Deptt, University of Jammu and Dr Shehnaz Qadiri, Head, Urdu Department, MAM College, Jammu and discussed merit of the Hatash’s bold literary contribution. Title page of the new book ‘Triveni’ depicts the ” sangam” of three sacred rivers and thousands of devotees having holy dip at Prayagraj, signifying the meaning of the book. It contains 169 poetic compositions covering 108 pages on quality paper and fine printing priced at Rs 400.
Urdu poetry ‘Triveni’ has some notable stanzas but let us examine the quality of staza which follows:
May bus mey betha, doondney laga mudkar
Na jane kew ye laga, tum wahie kahi ho
tumhara scent, kisee aur ney lagaya tha
(I was sitting in the bus and did look all alround. I don’t know how it happened that I could presume that you are somewhere nearby. Perhaps. your fragrance in terms of scent was stolen by some one!)
Piare Hatash’s “Triveni” book is worth its literary value and will be now read equally with interest and impact.


Name of the book:
Urdu “Triveni” translated in Hindi
Author: Piare Lal ‘Hatash’
Gulshan Publishers, Residency Road, Srinagar
Pages: 105
Price: Rs 400