Sajan Pillai retires as CEO of UST Global

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, May 18: UST Global, a leading digital transformation solutions company, announced that Sajan Pillai has retired as CEO of the company.

UST Global CFO and President Krishna Sudheendra has been named CEO as part of the company’s succession plan, a release said here on Saturday.

Mr Pillai, who has been with UST Global for over 20 years, will remain as a Director on the company’s Board  and he be actively involved for the next one year with Mr Krishna and the leadership team in support of a successful transition.

He led the creation of a robust start-up ecosystem at UST Global investing in startups with an eye on innovation and will continue to focus on this through a new venture fund while serving on the Board.

The eco-system is a significant space for bringing innovation to UST Global clients and growth for the company going forward.

“To lead the exciting world of venture-driven startups, I would like to dedicate my time now to give back and to fulfill that passion, serving business and consumers globally. This will help UST continue its innovation journey on behalf of its customers,” Mr  Pillai said.

“I am very proud to have Mr Krishna succeeding me in this role as the next generation of leadership for the company,” he added.

“He was instrumental in securing private equity investment to power UST Global through its evolution. In addition to strengthening global operations, he implemented strong financial systems, governance and controls to optimize performance and productivity,” Mr Pillai said.


“This announcement is the successful culmination of a multiyear succession plan to select the best leader for UST Global. With a stellar track record as the company’s President and CFO, we look forward to what Mr  Krishna will bring to the company as its CEO,” said Paras Chandaria, Chairman of the Board of Directors, UST Global.

“I am honored to be named the next CEO of UST Global, and want to thank both Mr Pillai and the Board for the confidence they have placed in me to lead this strong organization and support our talented people as we continue to grow the company,” Mr Krishna said. (UNI)