Rohingya issue

Rohingyas are Burmese Muslims though majority of them are originally Bangladeshi Muslims having clandestinely sneaked into Myanmar and settled there. With Pakistani ISI making deep inroads into their community, instigated them for anti-Myanmar Government activities and subversion. ISI provided them with arms and funding when they were in their province in western Myanmar, obviously to strengthen the Bangladesh fundamentalism against India. Myanmar Government came down with a heavy hand on them and after destroying their hideouts and safe heavens left them with no choice but to flee their homes. Muslim countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and some gulf countries accepted lakhs of them as mohajirs. ISI advised a group of them to go and settle down in Jammu (not in Srinagar) and particularly along border with Pakistan. Intentions speak a lot. More than ten thousand of them are settled in Jammu and reportedly have obtained Aadhaar and PAN cards and maybe State Subject certificates. In the Parliament the State Minister for Home said he did not think Rohingyas in India had obtained habitations.
We believe that the Government of India wants Myanmar Government to take back these Rohingyas and let them resettle. The MyanmarGovernment’s stand is that the Rohingyas have formed their armed legions something like Rohingya Islamic Front which is being funded, armed and abetted by ISI and some other secret agencies of Islamic countries. Sensing the possibility of their habitats in Myanmar turning into a den of fundamentalist terrorist Islamic centre, China supported Myanmar in dealing harshly with them and turning them out of Myanmar. We doubt whether Myanmar will accept them back unless these Rohingyas shun their terrorist trappings. They are reported to be indulging in heinous crimes of murder, drugs and women trafficking.