Revamping power infrastructure

The Central Government having sanctioned a whooping amount of Rs.12000 crore to infuse a new life to the existing power infrastructure in the UT and to strengthen it by added and improved transmission and distribution system shall definitely yield better results . The yearning of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for decades in a row and under various successive Governments has been uninterrupted power supply on 24×7 and 24 hours basis. Intermittent pushes and stimuli to the power infrastructure mainly of increasing generation capacity has of course been going on but the mismatch between the perpetual increase in the demand and more or less constant supply has on the ground not reflected much of a difference though a change being there for betterment cannot be equally denied.
The Union Minister of State for Power and Industries who had been on a visit to the UT having announced about the package is in confirmation of the earlier announcement about it which is Rs.6000 crore for each of the two regions of the UT – Kashmir valley and Jammu division. However, along with the developmental works on the power infrastructure front , other reforms in the entire system and to make it a commercial self sustaining venture too, must go on side by side. If that was not done , no amount of similar packages would bring any perceptible changes on this vital front. Not only , therefore, power dues must be realised in time and no outstanding allowed to mount but undesirable activities like forcibly uninstalling and physically removing smart metres fitted by the PDD as a measure of bringing in reforms must be treated as cognisable offences and such persons dealt with suitably plus electric supply too suspended to them. While the Government must feel committed to arrange uninterrupted power supply , at the same time undesirable activities to frustrate, and stall fitting of smart metres and bringing in other reforms must be stopped forthwith.