Remembering National Hero

Dr. Bharat Bhushan
On 26thJanuary,2008, Capt. Sunil Choudhary – a brave son of the soil was decorated with Sena Medal in recognition of his exceptional gallantry operation against ULFA terrorists at village Naopather in Tinsukia District of Assam and on the very next day i.e. on 27th January 2008 while the brave soldier was on his way to attend a party organized to celebrate the conferring of Sena Medal, he was diverted to carry out an operation at village Rangagarh where as per intelligence inputs, 7-9 ULFA terrorists had taken shelter in a house.
Capt. Sunil Choudhary, as per highest traditions of Indian army immediately left for the operation along with Lt. Varun Rathore and five Jawans. They reached Rangagarh at about 12:30-12:40 hours and started the operation. As the cardon was being laid, terrorists hiding inside a house started firing indiscriminately & ran outside in a bid to escape into the nearby forests. Capt. Sunil Choudhary in a quick & bold action, gave chase and shot dead one terrorist . Despite being fired upon by the fleeing terrorists, he led the chase from the front. In the fire fight, Capt. Choudhary sustained grievous bullet injury in the left side of chest but retaliated, shot and injured the second terrorist. Bleeding profusely and with utter disregard his own safety, he chased the third terrorist who had entered the forests and suddenly came face to face with him. An extremely intense firefight ensured at close range in which the terrorist was killed. Then Capt. Sunil Choudhary succumbed to the injuries and made the supreme sacrifice for the nation.
The rare display of gust, glory, bravery and passion for service to the nation has endeared Capt. Sunil Choudhary to all the countrymen.
This brave son of Bharat Mata was born to Mrs. Satya Choudhary and Lt. Colonel P.C. Choudhary at Village Govindsar near Kathua. Being eldest amongst his three brothers, Sunil had schooling in various Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country wherever his father was posted. He did his graduation from Garware College of Commerce, Pune & Post- Graduation from Garhwal University. While pursing MBA from Pune- University, he joined IMA in July 2003. He did exceptionally well in IMA & was awarded four medals in Swimming. An all rounder, he participated in almost all sports events in school as well as in IMA.
After passing out from IMA on 10th Dec. 2004, he joined 7/11 Gorkha Rifles at Fort William, Kolkata in Feb. 2005 and moved to counter-insurgency operation area in May 2006 & till his supreme sacrifice, fought relentlessly against ULFA in Tinsukia Distt. of Assam. He was awarded Kirti Chakra posthumously.
A befitting memorial of Capt. Sunil Choudhary has been erected at home town Kathua near Dr. B,R. Ambedkar Bridge where people of the town and family members pay tributes to him on his martyrdom day ie.27 January. Besides Memorial at Martyrdom site at Assam, Dwar at Dinjan Assam, Memorial in 7/11 Gorkha Rifles, a MT. Simulator complex has been dedicated to the sacred memory of brave soldier.
On 26th January every year, the grateful nation pays glowing tributes to this great son whose act of bravery and passion for Gallantry National Service will continue to inspire the generations to come.
(The writer is a KAS Officer)