Reasi Hospital bags Kayakalap award

Where there is will, there is surely the way too. With the same inputs, the same infrastructure, the same given ”other” conditions, there are dedicated people to create examples for others to emulate. Excuses and alibis can be manufactured in plenty by those who do not want to walk a step more but they never make news the way our District Reasi Hospital made in bagging the “Kayakalap Award.” Literally, Kayakalap means rejuvenation or to look like something new, full of vigour and all fresh.
The award directly related to the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan is all about maintaining and promoting cleanliness and hygienic conditions in our health institutions. It is largely focussing on how to develop and inculcate a sense of shaping a behaviour and positive approach towards encouraging cleanliness and thus control and prevent infections. It is to remove the trend of doing formal or occasional cleanliness related activities but to make it a part of daily routine without fail. And, for exemplary performance to achieve the set noble objectives, not only the same is recognised, appreciated but encouraged with a coveted Award which carries a cash prize of Rs.50 lakh, all given by the Central Government.
While we extend our best wishes to the staff and administration of District Reasi Hospital for bagging the award, we expect that other hospitals and health institutions in the Union Territory can be motivated to emulate the performance of this hospital and bag the award and the cash prize of Rs.50 lakh. Nothing extra is required but only a strong will and dedicated spirit; miracles can be and in fact have been created.