Pollution in Chenab

This refers to editorial checking pollution in river Chenab (DE 9.1.2020). It is really unfortunate that inspite of schemes like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan the water bodies in J&K continue to be polluted by people and Government organisations both. Not only is municipal solid waste killing the mighty Chenab at many places but the construction material dumped around Ramban area on Jammu- Srinagar highway is also destroying Chenab. The District administration is not even bothered to penalize the road construction company involved in this heinous crime. National Green Tribunal (NGT) had taken cognizance of it as well. The municipal waste collected from Ramban town is also dumped on the banks of this river by local municipal committee.
In addition to Chenab, rivers like Tawi , Devika and Poonch river also polluted by the municipal authorities who otherwise have to ensure the protection of these water-bodies. I was shocked to see the Biomedical collected from local Government district hospital being dumped on the banks of Poonch river openly along with municipal solid waste . During rains this toxic waste gets washed away thus contaminating the water in the river. Ironically the same water is lifted by the Public Health Engineering Department (PHE) at many places in district Poonch and supplied to people after some minor filtration and bleaching process. Let conscious and educated people raise their voice against these illegal acts other than being mute spectators
Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat
Chairman JK RTI Movement