Penalty for failing in saving water bodies

Cause any type of damage to and violation of the sanctity of water bodies and pay the penalties there-for , is the message given by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to those authorities found or considered responsible for the goof in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. Should things regarding taking uncalled for liberties with and adopting casual approach towards not addressing the related issues , come to such a pass that the NGT should feel it absolutely necessary in directing the UT Government to take stringent action against the erring officials? Such observations made by a three judge bench of the Tribunal speak for the extent of callousness in treating such priceless gifts of nature in Jammu and Kashmir especially in the context of host of damaging acts like illegal mining , discharge of sewage into streams and rivers and treating them as dumping places for solid waste .
A penalty of Rs.3 core imposed by the Bench, therefore, in itself may not be that important as the message cum warning is there to prevent such damage to water bodies and be serious about environment related concerns. “Excelsior” has been relentlessly voicing concern about the dire need of scientific treatment of solid waste which unfortunately is not being given due attention and instead dumped haphazardly near or into the rivers etc as also required minimum number of STPs not being set up. We feel, such a directive from the NGT shall be taken in all seriousness by the UT Government so as to take speedy remedial measures to salvage the dying water bodies from colossal human violation.