Terror strike in the heart of Udhampur

An indication of the nefarious plans of the terrorists patronised and supported by forces from across the border to bring into focus part of Jammu division too as militancy affected by making strikes like recently done in the heart of Udhampur city which is an important centre and headquarters of the Army command , cannot be taken lightly. Moreover, choosing crowded places for such strikes is with the satanic aim of causing maximum damage to life and property. Agreed, these mercenaries of death and destruction deserve no leniency , and otherwise are taken on by the security forces resulting in considerable pressure on them in the valley which they want to ”compensate” by affecting peaceful and comparatively incident free areas in Jammu division . One innocent life having been lost besides causing injuries to dozens in the IED blast deserves a response in such a way that it becomes the last such incident in Udhampur. NIA and SIA teams joining investigations notwithstanding, intelligence network needs to be strengthened more to pre-empt such attacks on innocent lives and disrupting normal life. The fact that unless over ground workers and sleeper cells will not extend logistic support to militants like shelter , food and guidance about the vulnerable target , such attempts to strike cannot be possible. Wherefrom and how the IED and other material could get sneaked in Udhampur, needs to be thoroughly probed into and the network, if any, totally smashed.
It is the part of the design and planning of the militants and their sponsors to cause, besides loss of human lives, closure of shops and cessation of normal activities in order to create scare among the public . In Jammu division especially along the border areas, a new detestable technique by Pakistan to use drone flying machines to airdrop weapons and ammunition for militants to use in violent activities, of late, has become frequent though most of such attempts are foiled by the security forces. The possibility of some such attempt escaping the attention of the security forces, cannot be overruled which, perhaps, speaks for the IED having been brought up to the target point by the militants. However, the investigations currently are in progress and to assist the investigating teams, a team of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) from Delhi too has arrived to assist in professional investigations to know the details about the Udhampur IED blast. Earlier, on March 6, a man lost his life and dozens others were injured in a grenade blast , again , in a crowded place in Srinagar . It denotes yet another new trend of striking in busiest and crowded areas as can be seen in the pattern of both the attacks carried out in Srinagar and Udhampur respectively. Hit and run technique too is adopted by these enemies of humanity as two terrorists shot dead a Sarpanch from point blank range in Khunmoh in outskirts of Srinagar on March 9.
The Jammu and Kashmir Police , the security forces, Army and other agencies, it is fairly known, are constantly taking on militants in the UT , of course, with tremendous measure of success and, off and on, one or the other terror module, gets busted but the main sustaining force behind all such terror activities for nearly four decades in Jammu and Kashmir frantically tries to keep upping up the sagging morale and dwindling spirit and strength of the militants . Again, the assignment of the security forces hunting for connections and modules operating in the UT involved directly and indirectly in helping and facilitating such attacks , though stupendous , is meriting to be intensified which speaks for various raids conduced by the NIA , the latest conducted in some areas of Baramulla , Pulwama and Shopian districts in Kashmir division in connection with a case of militant attack related to Bhatindi Jammu last year and another case regarding a recruiting module of militants . In other words and which is apparent, is that each such case is gone deep into and properly investigated. Though there must be an end to all these acts of spilling the blood of innocents and damaging properties , yet along with the Police , the political and religious leadership must openly and actively join and openly come out against these terrorists and their dastardly satanic deeds which they carry out at the behest of a belligerent neighbour . In the meantime, the culprits must soon be caught and made to face the consequences.