Panic buying of essentials, petrol in Kashmir amid rumours

SRINAGAR: People in Kashmir, particularly summer capital Srinagar, have started to stock essential commodities and fuel amid rumours about deterioration of situation, triggered by government order asking Amarnath pilgrims and tourist to curtail their stay in the valley and deployment of additional troops.

Long queues of vehicles could be seen lined-up at petrol pumps across Srinagar city to get fuel, following spreading of rumours about deterioration of situation after August 15. People could be seen lined up to get cash outside ATMs, which have started to go out of cash.

People have also started to stock essential commodities, including food and medicines, in view of the rumours which grew strong following government order asking Amarnath pilgrims and tourists to curtail their stay and leave Kashmir valley as soon as possible in view of the militant threats. (AGENCIES)