Outrage over rape

From one incident to the other , we tend to forget everything during the intervening period , in respect of preventing the heinous crime of rape in our country. We as parents , teachers, social activists, celebrities , political leaders , religious personalities etc have either failed in imparting right and moral value systems in the younger generation or do not go beyond the line of the known “whipping boy”- the police. Hyderabad gang rape, conspiracy, murdering and then burning the victim , a young Vet Doctor in the most inhuman and savage way must have shaken each and every human being across the country.
Our response usually from streets to legislatures is candle lights , displaying placards, raising slogans and protesting demanding strict action. Immediately, CRPc and IPC provisions are sought to be amended to make those more stringent. Well, we have enough laws , stringent and effective, but do we implement them vigorously? Those convicted in Nirbhaya incident and awarded death penalty are still not hanged. Mercy petitions are pending for disposal but why? Unless laws are implemented with speed , nothing would happen. Bila and Ranga the rapist killers of Geeta and Sanjay Chopra kidnapping and murder case of 1978 were hanged in 1982 but still thereafter, rapes with alarming proportions do take place . It is utter shame that teen aged children too are subjected to sexual violence and brutalising . While rape cases need to be kept on fast track basis , the conviction should not take more than 40 to 60 days and in cases of death sentences procedural formalities, should not take more than a week’s time.