No postponing of NDA exams for women

The plea of the Central Government to have the National Defence Academy (NDA) entrance examinations postponed for women candidates by one year having not been agreed to by the Supreme Court terming it as “No jam today , jam tomorrow” , way to take part in the said exams right this year in November having thus been smoothened, one year has as such been gained by Indian women defence personnel which otherwise was slated to get postponed.
After winning the case for a permanent commission in the Armed Forces , taking part in the next coming exams of the NDA was the second important step in respect of the women defence personnel. It may be noted that earlier, the Government had informed the Court about the decision to induct women into the Armed Forces through National Defence Academy thus removing the decades old gender bar and to infuse the required parity. With this , Articles 14, 15, 16 and 19 of the constitution stand duly followed in letter and spirit which otherwise had been the basis of seeking relief from the Apex Court by the women petitioners. With the Apex Court now permitting the women personnel to appear in the said entrance exams in November this year would mean absorption by one year earlier than as proposed previously in the Armed Forces.