Termination of services

If despite many a time, the UT Government making it abundantly clear that provisions of the Article 311 of the Constitution of India could be invoked against those Government employees who were found involved, directly or indirectly, in any type of activities related to militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, services of such employees could be terminated, having perhaps been taken not all in seriousness, has culminated into the necessary action taken against such employees. Recently, therefore, services of as many as six more employees having been terminated, only demonstrates the seriousness accorded by the Government to fight the scourge of terrorism sponsored from across the border . It is unfortunate that certain elements, willingly or unwillingly, taking to militancy to spill blood of innocents and disturb public peace and retard economic activities while simultaneously ”managing” to get Government employment to camouflage unlawful activities or those ones having been employed in Government service, later decide to get involved in militant activities, must at the outset, lose their job unceremoniously followed by other legal action depending upon the extent and severity of the complicity. Now, those having faced the termination of their services so far number 17.
It is extremely preposterous to join Government services and at the same time get engaged in militant activities while the other side of the problem is that a disloyal employee supposed to be serving but in fact being a militant in disguise in a Government Department, school, college or any institution is equally dangerous as to zero in on him very quickly, is generally not possible because of the element of belief that a Government employee is believed to be of immense integrity, impeccable credentials and to be law abiding . It is the employee in the Government of whichever rank, through whom governance and the policies of the Government fountain and get implemented. Fighting the menace of militancy cannot be done only through policing and related measures employed by the security forces but also by going to strike at various vital factors that keep on providing necessary oxygen to militants and insurgency. Containing and checking funds flow from whatever sources to militancy, tracking Hawala channels and blocking all avenues thereof , tackling suitably Over Ground Workers (OGWs) who provide shelter, food, logistical support , money and even distribution of nefarious and objectionable literature , check infiltration and finding out elements having ”infiltrated” into the administrative apparatus and taking suitable action against them – were contributing largely towards fighting militancy . That speaks for all such suspected employees being put on a suitable radar and only when involvement beyond any doubt being established are they dismissed from service.
It is shocking that some police constables and teachers should be involved in militant activities while teachers are supposed to guide and spread the light of education and morality among the young students and police constable expected to be playing the role of upholding , protecting and maintenance of law and order. Even a Forest Range Officer, now dismissed, should actually be proved to be nothing short of a perilous agent of the enemy country involved in multifaceted crimes associated with terrorism and spreading violence, is astonishing and stunning and deserving no leniency.
It is basically the flawed ideologies of secessionism and separatism coupled with radicalism and playing false victimhood at the hands of the security forces that make room for breeding of militancy as a means to achieve the diabolically schemed ends . It is so, despite knowing fully that such activities never succeeded not to speak of enjoying any impunity or not facing the set consequences of adopting such an uncalled for stance. Once getting involved in militant activities, resorting to extortions, drugs trafficking , weapons snatching , pumping in counterfeit currency, recruiting and harbouring militants, spreading mischievous rumours, looting businessmen and even banks , transporting weapons and ammunition for militants and to pursue other acts of terror become their routine and if some helpers and facilitators of militants or core militants themselves in disguise happen to be in Government employment, how could they be tolerated hence invoking the usual provisions enshrined in the constitution against such elements. Going into the modus operandi , the trail of how these persons entered militant groups and what activities they carried out while being public servants – all reveal, the potential they carried in respect of being threat to peace, law and order, sovereignty and integrity of the country as being working for a belligerent country or agencies hostile to the country.
It is entirely another issue as to why such steps were not taken earlier and if taken, why not so effectively in Jammu and Kashmir but the lessons or the experience perhaps now gained by the Government is that at the time of engaging people in Government services , more of utmost care, caution and scrutiny have to be exercised so that no room whatsoever was provided in the system to get undesirable elements gain entry into Government service to the detriment of the security of the state .