No HR violations in Kashmir: AISSC

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, Oct 14: All India Sufi Sajjadanashin Council (AISSC) today said that religion has nothing to do with the situation in Kashmir and there has been no human rights violations by the security forces.
The chairman of 17-member AISSC Syed Naseruddin Chisthy said that there has been no human rights violation during the last over two-and-a-half months in Kashmir.
Speaking to reporters during a press conference, he however said that gag on communication could also be considered as human rights violation in this century though asserted that the step taken by the authorities would have been necessary.
“The delegation met many people during its visit and we are happy that no causality took place in the Kashmir. The fake news being circulated on social media at the behest of Pakistan about human rights violations in the valley is totally incorrect. No one whom we met, asserted that any human rights violation has taken place in the valley,” Chisthy said.
He said the propaganda spread by Pakistan is totally incorrect. “Yes people are frustrated because their basic necessities, like mobile phones and internet, were curbed. But I want to assure people of India and international community that no human rights violation has taken place in the valley,” he said.
He said all grievances can be solved through dialogue and respect for each other, keeping in mind the development and prosperity of the area concerned and of the inhabitants therein, but subject to the national interest. “We are proud to be an Indian,” he said.
Meanwhile, lashing out at Pakistan, he said the neighbouring country using the word ‘Jehad’ over a political issue between two countries is unacceptable.
The delegation faced protest during a visit to Srinagar’s Hazratbal shrine on Saturday.