NC not allowed to celebrate anniversary of Sheikh Abdullah

NC leaders paying tributes to Sheikh Abdullah at party office in Srinagar on Thursday. — Excelsior/Shakeel
NC leaders paying tributes to Sheikh Abdullah at party office in Srinagar on Thursday. — Excelsior/Shakeel

*Won’t compromise, prepared for worst: Lone

Excelsior Correspondent

Srinagar, Dec 5: National Conference (NC) today said that they won’t compromise on the issue of abrogation of Article 370 and prepared for the worst. The party was not allowed to celebrate the 114th birth anniversary of its founder Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of 114th birth anniversary of NC founder Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah at Nawal Subhe headquarters of NC in Srinagar, the NC leader and Members Parliament (MP), Mohammad Akbar Lone, said that abrogation of the Article 370 was highhandedness on part of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
“The Article which was first eroded by the Congress has been terminated by the BJP, Call it their highhandedness or any other thing, they did it out of their will. We were not consulted. We are not going to compromise on the issue and prepared for the worst”, said Lone.

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The NC leader said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should work as per aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “The people here have shown to the Central Government whatever oppression has been enforced on them, they have remained undeterred. Modi should work as per the aspirant of the people”, he said.
Earlier, while addressing the gathering on the occasion, Lone said that Home Minister Amit Shah by claiming normalcy in Kashmir is deceiving himself. “One feels like laughing when Amit Shah says that the situation is normal in Kashmir. I want him to travel to Kashmir and see the deployment of the forces in every nook and corner of Kashmir. Why he is not withdrawing the deployment. By making the claims of normalcy he is deceiving only himself. The whole world knows what is happening in Kashmir. The newspaper across the world are filled with the news regarding the situation in Kashmir and the news reports are based on the facts”, he said.
On the holding of elections in Jammu and Kashmir, the NC leader said that once the leaders are released, then the will discuss with other political parties about future course of action. “I cannot comment on the election, we can only think about it when our leadership is released. We will then sit and discuss the issue along with our other parties. Once leadership is out we will take decision whether to participate in elections or not. We have already raised the issue of detention of three former Chief Ministers including Farooq Abdullah in the Parliament and will continue to do so”, he said.
On the arrest of Omar Abdullah and Dr Farooq Abdullah, the MP said, “We have been raising the issue both inside and outside the Parliament. But the Government has not allowed those pictures to come out. That is why people are unaware about our struggle. We are also thankful the other parliamentarians who joined us in the cause.”
Lone said they were not allowed by the Government to celebrate birth anniversary of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. “Everyone knows how we used to celebrate this birth anniversary. We used to celebrate it with enthusiasm. But the Prime Minister Modi’s Government along with the Lt. Governor’s administration has imposed strict restriction and we are not allowed to move out of our homes. We see police and paramilitary forces everywhere”, he said.
The NC leader and MP Hasnian Masoodi on the occasion said that there used to be thousands of people of the eve of the anniversary as our leader had fought for the people of whole Jammu and Kashmir.
The restriction which has been placed on this day itself tells a story. It busts the claims of normalcy and explains the situation to the whole world. It also raises several questions like why were restrictions imposed, why his children were disallowed to visit his grave”, he said.
Masoodi said that political activity under present circumstances is not possible. “Political activity is not possible as all our leader including zonal and district president are under detention. This is not restricted to our party only the leadership of other parties are also under detention. Any political activity is impossible in such situations”, he said.
On internet blockade, Masoodi said: “Internet is the basic right. In absence of it our students, traders, tour operators and business are suffering Every activity has been paralyzed with this move”, he said.