Nature as a teacher

This refers to the writing ‘Let nature be the teacher” in this paper on 12th Sep. The depth of this writing is simply matchless and highly revealing. The learned author has touched the issues which take a reader to the glorious history of pre independence Kashmir, the real paradise on earth. The lust of material human life’s luxuries and gross misjudgement of the results of destroying the nature arranged eco system of the the Valley has made this valunerable to the roaring  and thunderous assaults of the monsoon phenomenomena  if examined in the light of larger global warming phenomena. Destruction of many water bodies, massive deforestation, highly unplanned urbanization tampering with the natural drainage system and replacing the greenery and water bodies by the massive steel and cement structures has raised the summer temperatures in the Valley to the extent that even air conditioners are being used freely.
Man is selfish by nature and if he is instigated to go against the laws of the nature and the laws of the land (for various reasons), as it is happening in the State after independence, since very long, the result is the nature’s fury, destruction, chaos and sufferings. Those who for their personal gains are responsible for destroying the eco system of Kashmir Valley and for making  it vulnerable to the alien weather phenomena are oftenly extra zealous to block the entry in the Valley of those who want to come here for worshiping their Gods and Godesses through the fascinating nature. The mighty nature, if not respected punishes the man. Whenever and wherever the man is successful in capturing the nature, it often harms the mankind.
Yours etc…
S K Rekhi (Senior)
Gandhi Nagar