Myths and facts about IVF

Dr Richa Sharma
What is IVF?
IVF is a boon for childless couples and its derived from Latin word ‘in vitro’ which means with in glass.its a process by which we take the sperms and eggs in caseof child less couples and form the embryos(smallest form of baby) outside the body in laboratory and then are transferred into the womb of the mother
What are the indications of IVF ?
Tubal factor/ malefactor/ovarian factors/ combined and unexplanied
How stress affects IVF ?
As we can see in present situation like due to our hectic and busy life style and added stress, the fertility is also getting affected.Here comes the role of counseling which helps the couple to understand the process and relieve their stress.It needs to have a dedicated team of doctors and embryologist.Each patient needs ample time and dedication as each patient is different so- Individualized patient approach along with fertility guidance.
How can the success of IVF be improved in failed cases?
Science is not 100 % but definitely we can strive for the excellence by filling the lacunaes in both frsh and failed IVF cycles-here comes the role of better embryos(blstocysts), preIVF uterine cavity assessment and good pregnancy support along with TCL(Tender Love and Care)
Whether frozen cycle results poorer than fresh?
No that’s a myth that frozen cycles results are compromised.That rather are more affective in cases where fresh fail.Needs to have a good set up and cryopreservation facilities.
Is there any hope in nil sperms situation any expertise in India ?
Yes there is definitely a hope in form of SSR- with MicroTese with the latest in this aspect
What are possibilities to parent in case of no sperm/ no egg/or poor uterus?
Here comes the role of Third Party Reproduction with dedicated ART Bank associated with ART Clinic as per ICMR guidelines and ART Bill.
How can patients be reached?
Two ways- either patient comes to us or by way of awareness camps and PCPs(Patient contact programmes) where the medical triage is done of couple to miss the valuable time and guide them in a proper direction.
(The author is Consultant, Bournhall International Ltd, India)