Modi behaving like Hitler, fails to deliver: Farooq

NC president Dr Farooq Abdullah addressing an election rally at Khanyar in Srinagar on Saturday. —Excelsior/Shakeel
NC president Dr Farooq Abdullah addressing an election rally at Khanyar in Srinagar on Saturday. —Excelsior/Shakeel

Excelsior Correspondent
Srinagar, Apr 13: National Conference president Dr. Farooq Abdullah today said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is behaving like Adolf Hitler and has failed to deliver on his promises.
While addressing two separate public gatherings at Baba Demb, Khanyar and Kangan, the NC president said Modi is behaving like Hitler. “Like him he promised the country everything under sky. However, when it came to delivering on those promises, he could not make any difference on the ground. On the contrary, he aggravated the situation to an extent which will take years to restore.”

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Abdullah said that in order to hide his misrule, the PM flared up tension with Pakistan. “In order to hide his misrule, PM Modi flared up the tensions with Pakistan. I earnestly insist for a thorough inquiry into the incident that devoured over 40 CRPF men on Jammu -Srinagar highway. Unfortunately, PM Modi is milking the post Pulwama situation and Balakote to extreme levels to hide his misrule and mis-governance. However, he cannot befool the intelligent masses of the country with his sophistry and gimmickry now. He stands no chance, they have been unmasked now,” he said.
The NC president said that elections will decide if the State of Jammu and Kashmir is able to be a part of the Union with dignity or not.
Dr Abdullah said that people have to vote for preserving the country’s secular disposition, integrity and unity. “This election will decide, if we are able to live with our neighboring country in peace. The general elections are also significant since it is a direct fight between falsehood and truth. However, no matter how much they try, falsehood is bound to perish. Present elections will also decide if the people of the country irrespective of their caste, creed are able to live with dignity. So it is imperative for all of us to make our choice correctly”, he said.
The NC president said that the State is facing immense onslaught from all sides. “Today forces as are inimical to our special status and identity are also trying to distort our history. The otherday I visited the musical fountain laser show organized on the waters of Dal, the first part of the show was interesting; however the portrayal of history was erroneous and incorrect. The facts were distorted; the portrayal of the Mughal rule, the Pathan rule and the Dogra rule was divorced from facts,” he said.
Dr Abdullah while flaying the glove-puppet regimes of Bakshi, Sadiq in destroying the special position of the State said: “From time to time we have seen how some people within us sold their conscience in lieu of power and chair. The situation is no different today, when we see people coming forth in different hues, holding apples, ink pots and lotuses in their hands. I caution you against them. They are the modern day Bakshi’s and Sadiq’s. These people can go to any extent to grind their own axe. However, whosoever has ditched the people of Kashmir have met with a disastrous consequence, all these cronies and henchmen will eventually fade on their own into oblivion.”
Dr. Farooq said that people also bear in mind how vigorously Mufti’s canvassed in the run up to 2014 elections seeking votes at the pretext of keeping BJP out. “What followed is no secret. The embrace of PDP with BJP unleashed numerous miseries on people”, he said.
He further said that once in power, the new Government under Omar Abdullah will ensure that the problems faced by our artisan community living in Srinagar and else are solved. “I too will leave no stone unturned to raise the woes of artisan community in the Parliament. Our party has the road map for the economic emancipation of artisan community of Srinagar. We will chalk out both long term and shot term strategies to lessen the problems of artisans. We will ensure that the golden hands of our artisans are not in pain. We will undo the wrongs committed by previous Government,” he added.