Mediation in courts

Chief Justice of J&K High Court deserves kudos for developing and introducing mediation methods for expeditious disposal of cases that cuts delays (DE: 09-02-2019). Unfortunately we live in times when the opportunities for discussion and self expression have been drying up. The decline is now noticeable though a courtroom is no real substitute for give and take and pooling of ideas that should take place in society.
The number of files in courts goes on increasing as people approach the court even for trivial cases that finally end into some type of compromise at late stages after spending so much time, money and wasting precious man hours. Let both the parties talk and discuss before the Honourable Court and come to some conclusion with the help of presiding judge. The case be decided with little give and take otherwise let law take its own course. This will certainly reduce the burden on judges too.
Dr K C Sharma
Justice a far cry
How is to contempt of court if people say that justice delayed is justice denied ? Justice must not only be done, it must appear to have been done. On August 15,1947, Nehru assured : we will wipe tears from every eye”. Did it happen? The tears just dried up. How can it be called justice if someone gets it after 20 years, at the age of 80? What stops our Government from filling the vacancies of judges ? Why people should suffer? There should a fixed duration for trial.
Prof. K K Gupta