Proof of air strike

Please refer to the news item,”PM hits at opposition for seeking proof……….”published in your paper on March 10,2019 whereundder it has been reported that our PM Narendra Modi had badly criticised the opposition parties especially the Indian National Congress for demanding proof of air strike at Balakote in Pakistan. No doubt we have a right to seek information about any and every event occurring in the country,yet it is also our moral duty to respect and recognise each and every action taken by our armed forces. It is very shocking to know that the opposition parties of country demand proof of air strike as if they don’t have any faith in the honesty and integrity of our armed forces. In fact they are doing much harm and disrespect to the nation and the armed forces.
It is neither desired nor required to count the corpses after air strike. It is more than sufficient to conduct surgical air strike to demonstrate that we can destroy the terrorists training camps as and when we desire. Infact conducting the air strike is a big achievement in itself and it needs no proof. However if any body or person still wants proof,they should be directed to personally visit the spot to get the desired information.
O P Sharma
Bagnoti, Nowshera