Article 35-A

This refers to news item pertaining to Art 35-A, DE Feb 3, 2019.
He says if Art-35A goes, Jammu and Ladakh regions will be most sufferers as majority of people willing to settle in J&K and set up their industrial or other units, would prefer to purchase lands/properties in Jammu and Ladakh and very few would move to Kashmir. Land in these two regions would shrink and cost will also go high. Also youth here already facing unemployment, will suffer further.
Early 1990, Kashmiri Hindus forced out of Kashmir, mostly settled in Jammu and also in other parts of country. Then in last about 25 years Kashmiris in large numbers have shifted to Jammu and their settlement in Jammu have resulted in sky rocketing of land and property prices. There cannot be any more raise in cost of land and landed property. Further more out-siders (Rohingyas) have been settled in Jammu and Ladakh only by the State Govt of that time leaving Kashmir valley safe from their nuisance.
Regarding his point, youth of Jammu and Ladakh will suffer more on account of unemployment. Jobs created by Industrial units that come up here (Art-35A gone), will be available to youth of these regions only. So unemployment will reduce and not increase as Mr Azad has said.
Surinder Gupta
via e-mail