Making Social Media accountable

Prudence, discretion and a sense of responsibility enjoin upon every one dealing with any type of communication and conveying things of importance that it did not lead to its misuse by which there were apprehensions of creating ill will between individuals and undermining of constitutional institutions, circulating fake news, pumping defamatory feelings, promoting seditious tones and rumour mongering likely to lead to violence and disorder. There are many modes, channels etc, thanks to the information technology revolution, presently used under the category of social media and so far, there were no formal regulations in vogue to keep the facility within the realms of Right to Expression and speech within the limits of law as it was an implied understanding that no misuse will take place. Lies, spreading canards, inciting and spreading fake and exaggerated news should otherwise be penalised in every way possible. Of late, it has been found that Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, OTT etc are being grossly misused by some people and elements to the extent where Government regulations and even legal intervention were thought absolutely necessary. We are of the opinion that such measures as recently announced by the Central Government, should have been taken much earlier. However, due to the misuse of such platform as recently found being blatantly resorted to, such measures even if announced late, must now be ensured to be strictly enforced. Newer tricks could be found out to circumvent such regulations about which proper vigil by the Government was non-optional. We may further add, there should be vigorous provisions to deal with such situations of the misuse of this platform which aimed at impacting adversely the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and disturbing of social peace and amity between different groups and sections.