Grievances redressal and errant officials

In fact , in an administrative set up which otherwise is there and works for the welfare of the people, there can be grievances, complaints, allegations and the like from the aggrieved persons and to resolve such issues, there is in place a proper and well organised grievances redress(al) mechanism. To what extent such mechanism is working and how much importance is given to it is entirely is another but very important question. If we say that the grievance redress mechanism of any administration is to gauge to measure its efficiency and effectiveness since it is a channel in providing important feedback on the working of such administration, it is no overstatement of a fact. The question, again, is who can wield and are in fact vested with the authority or who by their very designation and set of duties are required to provide relief and settle a particular complaint or grievance. Obviously, it is the Government officers working in various departments to resolve the issues raised as a grievance by a citizen who feels having been not given a fair deal in the ordinary course of business. We have found and have been continuously reporting about areas of weaknesses and non -seriousness in functioning of many departments of the UT, the impact of which is directly on the delivery system of services and taking decisions. The result of all such lapses is sprouting of grievances and what is astonishing and unexpected is that no seriousness and urgency are shown in settling such issues. Why not, therefore, to hold responsible, those officers who are found taking a casual course and not taking any decision this way or that way depending upon the merit of a particular grievance. Lieutenant Governor has aptly and rightly taken a serious view of such an attitude where a complaint or a grievance is not accorded top most priority. The urge of prompt redress of grievances brought home to the administrative circles by the aggrieved people and those who came in between the decision making process and resolving the issues, needed to be made accountable and that alone could ensure the veracity and the true meaning of the redressing mechanism. We, therefore, hail the decision of the Government in deciding to withholding the salary of some errant officers which ‘Excelsior’ through these columns, has been advocating as a last resort to impart justice to an aggrieved citizen. A Government servant of whichever rank is paid allowances and bestowed with other perks and facilities to fulfil one’s duty and make planning, schemes, decisions, measures and the like taken by the Government all successful that were meant for the benefit of the people failing which an employee was violating the basic premise and the condition of being employed by the Government . The grievances can be from the employees as well against a department or an officer in matters where an employee feels harassed or denied what was one’s genuine due as in a case of unduly not releasing salaries of some teachers etc in Kashmir division. We feel that by no account should delays, wilful haughtiness of an authority, keeping matters pending for no reason and a stubborn attitude be the response to a grievance. It would, therefore, be in the fitness of things, of course as a last resort, to take such action as not releasing salaries, transferring, withdrawing powers, demotion and even placing services under suspension of such officers who were making the entire process of grievances redress looking trivial and superfluou