Make Maternity Hospital functional

To lessen the burden of huge rush of patients on overcrowded SMGS Hospital, opening up of an exclusive maternity hospital to house 200 patients at a time at Gandhi Nagar , Jammu conceived in the year 2011 is yet to come up and start functioning. The causes are the same right from half baked planning and erratic flow of funds position. Since money to finance it, Rs. 50 crore had to come from the Central Government, usually main formalities like stage wise progress reports and other certificates to be arranged by the state usually reach late to the concerned ministry or do not reach at all. However, due to whatever causes, ground reality is that except building having been erected, no other development is seen like ancillary critical infrastructure being provided including creation of requisite manpower.
The most unfortunate aspect of handling projects like hospitals even, the same casual approach is employed even in erecting the building. Many flaws and shortcomings have been noticed even in the structure which has come up. No suction plant, no gas plant, faulty radiology section, labour and pathological labs not in conformity with usual standards are some of the deficiencies observed by experts. Let us hope , necessary corrective measures would be taken to inject life in its structure so that it runs and runs smoothly at an early date.