Long arms of law and Yaseen Malik

Nearly 30 years ago, an FIR was registered against one of the separatist leaders of Kashmir Yaseen Malik in the Rubiya Sayeed kidnapping case including nine others but so far, for reasons not known, charges were not framed against them. However, Special Judge TADA , Jammu has now ordered for the same to be done which reiterates that law can never be taken for a ride , implications and consequences can be deferred but not ruled out. It also has sent a message that in case a law was broken and a crime committed, the culprit had to face the consequences, if not sooner due to reasons unavoidable but definitely later. However, this delay of nearly 30 years points towards blatant interference of political considerations and influence in the process of investigation and framing charges which , however, does not merit condonation. What hampered the process of prosecution all these three decades raises many questions. All these years , the ”case” moved with a snail’s pace but during investigations, a few of the accused had made the confessional statement voluntarily before the Magistrate admitting their role in the commission of offence as also disclosing the role of others in that respect and which needs to be taken to logical ends and pointing towards the role of the accused in the crime of kidnapping and hatching a conspiracy to get their persons in custody released . The judge feeling convinced about the crime having been committed by the accused and thus has ordered that charges needed to be framed against them.