‘Lifeline of culture’: Venkaiah Naidu bats for native languages

Vice President V. Naidu called for increasing the number of institutions to meet the growing demand New Delhi on Tuesday.

NEW DELHI: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday pitched for preserving local languages, saying when a language dies, culture, traditions and customs associated with it are also lost.

He said that he is not opposed to learning English or any other language but a person can communicate effectively and articulate better in his or her mother tongue.

“Language is the lifeline of a culture … When a language dies, there will be a loss of cultural identity, traditions and customs associated with that language,” Naidu said addressing the 28th Saraswati Samman organised by the K K Birla Foundation here.

He was of the view that the best way to preserve or promote any language is to use it extensively in everyday life. (AGENCIES)