Life Saving Robotics and an Israeli Inspiration: Mr. Bentsur Joseph, CEO of A2Z Advanced Solutions

Bentsur Joseph runs a robotics company which has supplies various branches of the Israeli military, as well as other top-tier Israeli firms, with robots and technology solutions that have saved many lives with incredible ingenuity.

Essentially, what A2Z Advanced Solutions does, is take vehicles, such as a tractor,and allows it to work by remote control, keeping the operators safe and out of harm’s way. Put another way, it enabled real life machinery, be it construction and demolition equipment or landmine clearing robots, and other “human operated” technologies and allows them to be run from outside the cab… which is of extreme importance in a dangerous situation, thus saving over the years many human lives.

He also has many other products for military and civilian use, as well as is the holder of multiple patents, many of which have been successfully commercialized and sold.

He’s also run some of Israeli’s most prestigious companies, public and private, and has an impressive track record. One of the companies he ran, Comfy Interactive, was eventually purchased by a division of The Walt Disney Corporation.


For Bentsur Joseph, the vision behind A2Z was based on a single, astute observation: With the middle east conflict and the constant attacks Israel kept facing, and being a country where every soldier killed or wounded is cause for national mourning,  it was simple logic to Bentsur that the creation of solutions allowing the saving of lives would be of high priority, and thus purchased, by the various branches of the Israeli military, and would be in high demand going forward.

Creating robotic, remote-controlled technology solutions for the military would enablethem to safely enter even the most dangerous terror hotbeds with zero risk to human life. A government such as the State of Israel would easily generate enough business for A2Z to continue to flourish long-term, as the robotic inventions met an important need and one which would continue to develop with additional solutions and uses over time.

Since then, for the last 30 years, Bentsur and A2Z have workedin close collaboration with the Israeli government (e.g., the Israel Defense Forces, Israel Police, Ministry of Defense, among others.) so as to engineer, produce and importantly, maintain complex electronic systems, and unmanned robotic platforms.

Having pivoted from strictly military to civilian applications as well, Bentsur and his company are working on several projects to bring the know-how and the ingenuity behind the robotic and other products they have successfully created for the past three-plus decades to a much wider, civilian market worldwide. And with his background, broad experience, and the no-nonsense way he pushes forward with his get-it-done attitude, Mr. Bentsur Joseph s an inspiration to Israelis and to many others around the world.

“saving lives, using robots, and using the lessons we’ve learned to make the planet a better place.” Bentsur says. “what’s not to like?”

The company has announced plans to file to go public over the next several weeks on the Canadian Stock Exchange.