Jammu’s water bodies need protection

O P Sharma
Name of Book : Duggar Ke Sar-Sanskrittik
Author : Prof Shiv Nirmohi
Publisher : Akshay Prakashan,
Ansari Road, New Delhi
Pages : 126
Price : Rs 150
This 126-page book in Dogri entitled ” Duggar Ke Sar – Sanskritik Adyan” is yet another contribution of Prof Shiv Nirmohi, who has authored a number of insight books on the socio-cultural life and history of Duggar, the land of Dogras. This is a unique contribution on the water bodies of Jammu region and the study is focused on their spiritual importance and also crucial role in life of the people. The writer has certainly undertaken a hard labour in compiling this work after on-the-spot visits and a detailed study about their importance.
Prof Nirmohi has divided this Dogri book into various chapters and narrated their cultural, social significance and spiritual attachments. He has written about the stories associated with each Sar making the this volume interesting and informative. Many of these water bodies are held sacred having association with social, religious, historical relation as well as source of water supply to the nearby population. Their importance is realized by one and all but it is strange and shocking that they are neglected and allowed to be polluted.
Natural Resource
The range of discussion in this book is very wide and covers all the nooks and corners of Jammu region from Vas Kund (Kailash Jheel), Surya Kund ( Kailash Kund) Surya Kund ( Kali Kund) to Nena Devi Sar, Brahm Sar , Kali Nag Sar, Mansar, Sanasar, Ranjit Sar, Salal Jheel. Dul Haste Jheel, Goverdhan Sar Kausar Nag to name only a few. A detailed account has been given by the writer.
While reading this book one gets into the natural and man-made water resources of our part of the country and feel proud at the bounty of the Nature. But one is dismayed at the their present precarious condition with rising pollution and reckless encroachments presenting a grim picture of greed of man quite unaware about the future. It is high time that our present genereation gets aware of these “supreme gifts of God” and also firmly resolve to protect. preserve and promote these valuable water resources so vital for humanity.
Vital Message
The book written in simple and lucid Dogri language with absorbing narration of the style unique to Prof Nirmohi makes it informative. I read this book moving from page to page in just two days. It is interesting and also rewarding experience with lot of knowledge about Jammu’s natural resources; their spiritual importance and need to preserve them at all costs as a leagacy to future generations.
The book has been produced well, finely printed on a quality paper and in superb literary style. The author deserves a compliment and the publisher too need our good word. It is good that it has been moderately priced as it is useful for the common readership particularly the youth to learn the lessons of life.