Thought Provoking Poetry

The 101-page book authored by Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’ has created a stir in the literary circles in the non-Hindi speaking Jammu and Kashmir State. His poetry depicts all the aspects of life and his ideas have depth of sentiments and also height of high imagination. His simple and straight style impresses the readers.
Wide-range of Themes
As the title of the book itself reveals that sometimes even silence conveys a lot but that silence too has to be given some words to depict the inner thought, when it comes to realism. Rajeshwar Singh Raju’s : “Nishabad” advocates this same thought.
The book is a collection of 47 poems which tell a lot about the potential of poetry and it covers various fields of life. Some of the poems have their own themes and thoughts.
While some poems reflect the pains and sufferings of the poor or down-trodden exploited class, other poetic compositions carry a vital revolutionary message against the suppression exhorting the suffering class to raise voice against the suppressers. A stanza from poem: “Nishabad” follows :
“Ae Parinde,
Shukra Kar
Tere bol
Wo samaj nahin pate
Woh parinda lout aaya
Kush bolne laga
Aspasht sa..
Dhyaan se dekha to
Chounch kati thi…
His beautiful poems are full of romance as well as pathos and depict the real life and important aspect of love.
The language used is quite simple without bombarding highly sophisticated words for the convenience of the common readership. Instead he has concentrated more on the content, tone and has delivered quite satisfactorily. “Nishabad” is a mix of verses as well as free verses poetry. Poet has been able to convey his thoughts pertaining to different aspects of life in an impressive way.
Absorbing Reading
Just like his other books, Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’ often writes in Dogri, Hindi and English despite his other engagements or work. His this first book in Hindi is also a welcome addition in literary circles and hopefully will be appreciated by one and all.
Nishabad, a collection of poetry has been his first published book in Hindi. He has two more books on poetry being entitled “Tawi Udhaas Thi” and “Ritu Badal Gayee” in press and expected to hit the stands next year.
The book has been produced and printed finely and been written in an appealing literary style. This poet deserves a compliment for this poetic compositions in Hindi and the title page of the book is very catchy depicting the essence of the contents therein and justifying the Title_ ‘Nishabad”‘ artistically as well as aesthetically. This book will be of great interest for the academecians, students and common readership.
(Starline Syndicate Service)