Jammu Declaration: Rise above party politics, work towards inclusive J&K: Rana

NC Provincial President Devender Singh Rana addressing office bearers of party at Kathua.
NC Provincial President Devender Singh Rana addressing office bearers of party at Kathua.

Excelsior Correspondent

KATHUA, Feb 27: Making a passionate appeal to all those in public life to rise above politics and work towards restoring the inclusive character of Jammu and Kashmir, National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana today said the Jammu Declaration is a way forward in strengthening religious bonds among communities besides reinforcing trust and unity between diverse regions.
“Coming as it is from the pluralistic region of Jammu, the declaration encompass all the religions, ethnic groups, regions and sub-regions, which actually represent the idea of J&K and will engage the people in inter-region and intra-regional dialogue to bridge the fault-lines that have unfortunately surfaced due to trust deficit over the years”, Rana said while interacting with the office bearers of the party of District Kathua Rural ‘B’, organized by its District President Shyam Narain Mehta.
He said the Jammu originated concept does not represent any individual or political thought but reflects the glorious ethos of the region, which has all along braved the victitudes of history and withstood test of times. This spirit was hugely in display during three decades ago when Duggarland opened up its arms for all those in distress, irrespective of religion or caste, he asserted.
“Let this spirit guide us all to restore J&K to its glory of co-existence with no space for fundamentalism of any sort”, Rana said, adding that peaceful, harmonious, inclusive J&K will offset the misconceptions about its people across the country. Eventually, the idea of Jammu and Kashmir will lead to strengthening the idea of India, he said and regretted over misgivings created about the people of this part of the country, who were nationalists to the core and progressive in their thoughts.
He vehemently pleaded for initiating effective confidence building measures; between the two regions and within the regions and their sub-regions; between religious and ethnic groups and between different shades of opinion. Intra-regional and inter-region dialogue based on mutual respect and love has assumed immense significance in the wake of misplaced suspicions gaining ground across the country. Therefore, a collective effort is needed to find out the genesis of the unfounded suspicions and to suggest ways and means for course correction. He said sooner such initiatives are set in motion, the better it would be for heralding a new era of trust, understanding and spirit of inclusiveness among people.
“For successful implementation of the Jammu Declaration, we have to unite and rise above religious, regional and political biases for achieving the larger goal of securing the lives of our people, ensuring their prosperity and heralding a new era of peace and goodwill between regions and religions”, he maintained.
Speaking on the occasion, Th. Kashmir Singh State Secretary, J&K National Conference called upon youth to come forward and play their pivotal role in nation building by promoting harmony and camaraderie between various segments of the society.
Emphasizing the need for bridging the gap between various sections of society former Minister Babu Ram Paul said that social justice should form core of Jammu and Kashmir, speedy growth as an equal partners with parts of the country.