inner voice



Happiness is bubbling water,
it forms and vanishes immediately.
But I am happy by seeing that
Happiness is you and me!
Happiness is the bond of love
between you and me
Happiness is the bliss of GOD
I am happy that GOD chooses me
to feel all the happiness.
I am happy to see the beauty
Happiness is just you and me
feeling all these desires and hopes
Every day I am happy and sad too
but then I choose to be happy.
Happiness is the gratefulness of GOD towards me
This is the blessing from the Almighty
So that is why I am happy.
Happiness is the smile of my daughter
whenever she sees me!
Happiness is when I am writing this.
Happiness is everywhere.
Happiness is you and me.
Dr Priyanka Gupta
Assistant Professor
MIET, Jammu

Our beloved Gerneral !

Your untimely demise took the nation by storm,
Leaving everyone in a conundrum unknown.
A true warrior of Gorkha Regiment,
A cohesion of the three armed forces into one element
Fearless, focused and fierce was your modus Operandi,
My heart goes out for every personnel who lost his life,
Leaving behind his son, daughter and wife!
But the soul is trapped bird
When the body dies, the bird flies,
Leaving its eternal legacy in the skies!
And so will you be remembered,
As the first Chief of Defense Staff
And the unmatched services you rendered.
With numb eyes and hands folded,
We pray for your soul to find peace in the heavenly abode.
Arnav Sharma
Geography Hons (3rd year)
SBSC (Delhi University)