Inner voice


I have never done this for another man.
So he deserve something that’s written by hand.
A poem written by my hands and penned down on the paper,
So here it is what I accentor.
His eyes are the clouds, gives beauty to the sky,
Everytime I look at it, makes me want to fly.
His hair is styled in a perfect trim,
And when I mean perfect, I say it’s perfect like him.
His voice can make my heart skip a beat,
His words are that I always seem to keep.
His mouth is the sun, that lights up the night,
Every word he speaks, turns the black to white.
He is more charming than a summers day,
Even through the harsh winds that blow down the flowers of May.
And during the short sweet sunshine days,
He is still most amazing and perfect through all of the rain.
I want to hold his hand and walk a million mile,
Looking at his face, staring at his amazing smile.
I cannot express my love’s real amount,
The love I have for him is too much to count.
He is my hero, my butterfly,
I will love him till the day I die.
He’s my nature, god great piece of art,
If you don’t believe me, let’s get back from the start.
Shivani Khajuria


A Silent Whisper

When I went to find the truth of life ‘,
Life threw me over the knife sometimes on the bed of roses ,
Sometimes on the valleys of flowers.
Be it Socrates or Bose
They had known some secret
Unknown from the most of the folks .
Just like an onion yields onion; peel after peel.
Look at a cabbage, howsoever we peel
We get finally the same product , whether we bend or kneel .
But there is a dim light , dimmer than any of the possible flames in our existence.
Some message it delivers and reveals some secret accompanied with its signature suspense.
Joy, little bit recognition , money and fun it’s all that we at this moment of life aspire.
However, I feel something is even more worthwhile and higher .
From the first breath to the last/this life is all we are here to live .
Wandering from one desire to another
One day we leave.
This world is a place of redemption or all from a saint to a creep.
I think some work has been assigned to each one of us to de
Before finally we sleep .
Till now what I have seen that it’s important to whatsoever little we can do for humanity
Its really wonderful I believe.
Nishnat Sharma
Nagri Parola, Kathua


Love is a Book


Love is a book in which you have spent your childhood
Love is a book in which you have spent your whole day and night.
Love is a book in which you have found your whole future
Love is a book in which you have seen your shadow.
Love is a book in which you have spent some lovely and bad moments.
Love is a book in which you have experienced a tough time.
Love is a book in which you will find some happy and sad moments.
Love is a book in which you will find the experiences of someone’s life.
Sofia Jangral
Bari Brahmana