My Father, My Inspiration
My Krishna and his beautiful creation….
My Karma, My Hard work his action
My body, shadow all his reflection….
My study-his teachings!
My smile- his Preachings !
Only giving, givings and giving his direction….
His feeding to cows, dogs on time !
His pic and remembrance now my shrine !
God gifted me my father his own selection……..
He is living fast in my veins !
He hugs me thru sunrays, blesses me by rains !
My father’s Lap- My salvation……….
Thy inhales in my breath
Thee covers us by some stealth….
My Vision thy Motivation……
My father My Inspiration……
My Krishna and his beautiful creation…
Kamal K Mehra


The day has gone
Now the time to night.
The birds are gone,
Now bats will fight.
Sun has set,
And moon is fixed tight.
Dogs bark in the dark moonlight.
Cats also jump on the walls built with granite.
At the end the night had gone
The morning came,
And happy mornings make
A peaceful day.
– Arsh Sharma


Celebrations going inside me ,
Just to wish you at night.
Days are passing with excitement,
But I am little frightened.
I dont know whether you’ll like this or not,
But these are the feelings direct from my heart.
My plans for your birthday were many,
But I think you were in some hurry.
Your rose, Your earphones still lying with me,
Wanna keep them untill I die.
Your smile is just captured in my head,
Thinking of you.. make my tears shed.
Sorry for my words which you felt wrong,
But they were just becoz some of your wrong decisions.
I cannot celebrate your birthday with you,
But I promise that day at exact 12 midnight we’ll be together.
My wish will reach you surely,
And I ‘ll cut your cake here lonely.
This is the only way I can wish u,
From the bottom of my heart to u……
A very happy bday to u in advance