Inner Voice

The climate strife

The climate is changing!!
Why aren’t we ?
Let’s start with the simplest claim
What we did to mother earth. isn’t a shame ?
Whom to ask and whom to blame .
From melting of the glaciers
To the hapazardic burning of the Amazon!!
Those deliberately engaged in causing harm, Hang on!!!
let’s start the climate strife
Those who won’t ..
start searching elixir of your life .
My dear fellow humans…
Climatic conditions are worse…
Just like enduring with a life long curse.
Little is understood but all is realised
We may procrastinate but earth is paralysed..
Today we all worry about sudden climatic changes ….
Nothing to be surprised of..these all are natures revenges …
There is paucity of actions .
We can definitely call for the change
If there is unification of factions.
Whosoever really care ..
I give you a dare…
Make this planet a better one.
For us ,for the not borns.
Take action, this is the only key
Where will you go? Unsurprisingly
There is no planet B .
We support this climate strife…
For the sake of society and the upcoming life…
Rishita Manhas
Ramjas college
University of Delhi


The good times are over
and the distance is wide,
The hugs and kisses
are not like before,and are love devoid.
The conversations are incomplete
and cut deep through the heart,
Missing each other is no more
termed as the love’s part!!
Wonder if the gap can
ever be bridged,
If ever the love could revive,
And the old emotions could shine and bring me back the love
dat seems to be lost erstwhile!!!!
Ironical,it is that, one loves u
still with the same show,
but the other’s emotions
are bleak and slow.
The gap is growing and
seeds of hatred are sowing,
how I wish ,instead,
the love between us had kept growing!!
Pallavi Gupta
Gandhi Nagar


Filled with fun and excitement in the air,
Diwali is the most awaited
festival of the year.
Light of lamps like a rainbow in the dark,
Ringing bells of happiness, felling a spark.
Exchange of gifts, rich savoury and sweets,
A night of divine dinner, dance and treats.
By offering prayers in a fully
decorated ‘thali’,
Let’s celebrate together
a very Happy Diwali.
Dr Vikas Jamwal
Kamdhenu Homz


“Beware of false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance.
Ignorance is always afraid of change
Ignorance is never better than knowledge
To remove ignorance is an important branch of benevolence
Ignorance, the root
and stem of all evil.”
Dr. Sumit Gupta