Exercising body and mind

Ghazal Sharma
Meditation is an awakened form of controlling mind practiced to shut one’s mind from unwanted distraction which spoils the peace and tranquillity of mind.
Meditation as generally understood is shutting down eyes and sitting cross legged to reach level of almost zero thoughts or no amount of thinking. In other way it is presumed to be some sort of prayers to the God or Almighty.
It is true that mind is on to some sort of thought process in form of ambitions, day to day routine activities, office procedures and materialistic as well as physical desires overpowering our way of natural life which in a way create some level of stress and strain in our lives. The level of stress and strain prevents one to enjoy the life to the fullest and it may vary from person to person depending upon mental makeup ,mental robustness and conditioning of the mind of individuals.
Although easier said than done controlling one’s mind in modern day world with all types of information available to humans in their living/bed room through media, internet, social sites, working environment interactions, economical and social disparity and all sorts of desires compelling us to hand over unlimited indents of wants and requirements to God during prayers leave us much short of contended and happy with what we have and puts us in rut of craving for more and more. The wavering and turbulent mind thus start having a slow and continuous effect on efficiency of body and prevents individuals from putting in desired effort towards achieving our healthy ambitions and drift our minds towards some sort of uncontended and unhappy state.
Amidst the options available to us to control our mind to live stress and strain free lives exercising body and mind physically in scientific form is the best option .Exercising is a scientific way of physical workouts to keep the body flexible, fit and efficient. It can be in form of jogging/brisk walk at a speed of 5-8 Km per hour to warm up the body and later limbering up with stretching exercises, movements of all body parts in one form or another by way of neck rotations, shoulder movements, waist rotation, knee rotations, wrists and ankle rotations followed by inhaling and exhaling breathing exercises for better functioning of lungs.
Jogging and brisk walk is a cardio beneficial exercise and forms the back bone of all exercises. The warming up of the body which jogging and brisk walk at speed of 5-8 Km per hour for 15-20 minutes does facilitates limbering up, stretching various body flexible postures also referred as “Yoga Asan,s” in various contexts and which invariably reduces the risk of sports injuries, body aches, sprains or any type of muscle tightness in our daily workouts . Jogging and brisk walk is also a natural breathing exercise too apart from conditioning of all the body muscles in process.
The other exercises as per personal liking and availability of resources are cycling, swimming, trekking or climbing hills slowly in organized form and may extend to performing house hold chores for housewives, ploughing of land for farmers, manual labour for labourer of all sorts, travelling a Kilometre or 2 for offering prayers to nearest religious places or walking and climbing up stairs in the offices complex for many.
One can modify the exercise plan as per liking, habits, individual avocation and availability of space and time to suit her/his life. The main aim of exercise is to sweat out and exercise all body parts in or another form in scientific, convenient and less tiring form so that you enjoy this type of pleasurable and mind soothing “sweating body orgasms” oozing out from all pores of your body.
It has been medically proved that 3-4 days of body workouts for 30-40 minutes in a week works wonders with body and mind. The benefits of exercising the body reduces stress, strengthenes and tones up muscles, reduces blood pressure, reduces chances of cancer, diabetes, indigestion, obesity in extreme form and much other psychological benefits like reduction of stress, depression, pessimistic thoughts and sense of worthlessness. Scientific physical exercise increases the libido energy which in turn helps us to enjoy or sexual and married lives and thus in turn make our mind contended physically, mentally and biologically. People with regular routine on organized physical exercise 3-4 days a week as advocated start enjoying these pleasurable physical workouts after few months of regularity and conditioning.
Exercising apart from providing physical benefits to external and internal organs of the body start exercising our mind and makes our mind more stable, cool, sharp and contended which are ingredients of healthy and focussed mind. One becomes more focussed, less panicky, more peaceful and contended which basically are the benefits one likes to seek in practice of meditation. Maybe that for most of us traditional way of meditation like prayers is not able to keep our mind under control, but physical activity in form of scientific body workouts on cross country terrain, lush green gardens or in modern well designed gymnasiums can all boost up our morale and condition our mind healthily to more peaceful state .
Even for people performing Yoga’s should resort to 15-20 minutes of warm up by jogging or brisk walk of 5-8 Km per hour before they take on to the flexible body postures to avoid body/sports injuries .
For those of us who find exercising daily as boring, hard to follow or unfeasible compared to easy way or shortcuts offered by layman should know and understand that through scientific exercise of body it is much easier to control mind than easy looking traditional prayers where mind waivers very frequently and generally turns materialistic without a physical or pleasurable activity. To make it more interesting enjoy this activity alone or with friends depending upon your nature or liking, add variety to workouts, not overstraining the body to show off, keeping number of beautiful jogging/walk tracks under your mind so that you change the tracks quite often to cut down on monotony and boredom in the regular process of exercising your body and soul.
Exercising body and soul is another form of meditation by way of physical activity inducement serving purpose of healthy body and healthy mind.


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