inner voice



I don’t know why you did it
Your friendship with me was
a huge hit
You meant alot to me
Frankness was your secret key
I remember the day we met
All memories with you I can’t forget
You were not wrong,wrong was I
Mistake was not yours,it was my
We have promised to be
best friends forever
But we haven’t even spent
a decade together
Now I have learnt to live alone
Days we spent together are gone
Getting separated is your choice
With this situation I was made
to compromise
Separation! now I don’t fear
Do whatever you want to
do I don’t care
Vidhi Mahajan
XI Class,


Under the sky, under the rain
I am alone, completely abstain
Searching the path, where to go ?
Seclusions are chasing in a row
My Heart is scared and
showing abnormal beat
My way is thorny and I’m in bare feet
Under the sky, under the rain
Loneliness is flowing in my vein
The crowd of people but I am alone
I am drowning like a stone
The darkness of clouds is
pushing me in fear
The flow of rain is washing my tears
Where are my friends, where are my own
Left me alone, everyone has gone
But I believe in you o God !, You are the saviour
Save me from sinking, do me a favour
Under the sky, in this rain
Dye my soul with your stain
Akshdeep Singh



Every flower bush contains
Numerous similar flowers
Being nourished by showers
Of God’s similar conditions
Some flowers are fully matured
Some are just buds and
Some are half matured
When a gale gives them a push
A few of them fall off the bush
Some remain ineffective
They are plucked up
Either for decorations
Or for the presentation
‘Fallen’ are crushed up
Although by God’s will
Or by their circumstances
But they face the damnation
They are target society’s hate
Perhaps this is what we call fate
Renu Bala
Sanjay Nagar, Jammu