Inner Voice (22-8-2021)


My Barbie is a doll
It’s face is like a ball
Doesn’t have phone to make a call
My Barbie has a leg
She has no need to beg
She has a beautiful face.
Can’t tie her shoe lace
She can’t sing
But has a bell to ring
She has a dress
Can’t press
Has clothes very less
She sleeps
At night very deep
Mahira Mahajan
Jodhamal Public School


Hope is a light,
Which makes us so bright
Always think right
And hold it so tight
Life is going on
And hope is so strong….
Problems are always there,
But you don’t go anywhere…
Keep a hope in your mind
And make you heart so kind….
All your problems will go away
Because a hope is on your way….
Try your best, Do your work hard
And make your hope a guard….
Never let yourself down,
Always keep your hope grown….
Life will become better
It depends upon what you matter….
Hope is a key,
Which makes you feel blessed
It unlocks the door,
Which leads to success….
A hope is still here
And makes us out of fear….
One day you will shine,
Everything will be fine…
Sofia Jangral
Bari Brahmana


I’m a teenager
But , I’m fine
I have lots of problems
Which , of course no one understands
But I’m fine
I tell them I’m depressed
They never take it seriously
But I’m fine
They want me to be like a child
But also want me to get matured
I’m frustrated
But I’m fine
There are a lot of mood swings
In my life , I get irritated and
I’m scolded for that
But still I’m fine
Mannat Sabharwal