Historic Shaheedi Chowk Kathua in complete darkness for 2 years

A view of Shaheedi Chowk, Kathua where the high mast light is without lamp. —Excelsior/Pradeep
A view of Shaheedi Chowk, Kathua where the high mast light is without lamp. —Excelsior/Pradeep

Excelsior Correspondent
KATHUA, Oct 8: As the Municipal Committee election is in full swing and campaigning by political parties is increasing day by day, the busy Chowk of Kathua town known as Shaheedi Chowk is in darkness and no sources of light is there around the Chowk.
The Shaheedi Chowk being of historical importance where the memorial of Kargil Martyrs is set up but it is in total darkness. Instead of installing the lights for the honour of our martyrs, it is in complete darkness.
The Chowk is centre point of the city and movement of passengers vehicles, private vehicle is so high as compare to other areas of city. The Shaheedi Chowk is also known as shopping hub of the city as number of shopping points and Mall house are situated near by the Chowk .
Despite the high profile importance of the Chowk as frequent movement of Ministers, MLA s, bureaucrat s , dignitaries is a routine affair. But no one takes care to maintain the high mask light of the Chowk lying defunct for last two years. The Chowk posses ugly look in sparkling city . The women did not like to move from the Chowk during night hours lonely following the darkness in the Chowk.
The Municipal Council having huge funds to earn from various resources and even lakhs of rupees are also spent on the name of maintaining of lights in the city. But the fate of Shaheedi Chowk is so far in dark said a local resident of the area, Rajesh Kumar. The fate of Capt. Sunil Choudhury Chowk at main bridge is also facing the same problem due to neglected attitude of Municipal Council and local MLA. The showpiece lights could be seen at Shaheedi Chowk and Capt Sunil Choudhury Chowk bridge but the lamps are out of order since last two years . The lights can be repaired with a very small amount . But no one from the Council, administration or concerning MLA pay any attention or interest to make them in working condition of the Chowk better said shopkeeper Virender Kumar .
He alleged that the details of big project is given by ruling govt but they have not merely hundreds of rupees to spent on repairs of high mask light in Shaheedi Chowk and install lights on bridge. The people have hopes on new members of Municipal Committee. The candidates fighting elections to Municipal Committee are also making promises sky is the limit and will they fulfil them only time will tell.
He said there was also no one to light a lamp on the memorial of Kargil Shaheed at Shaheedi Chowk to pay tributes on second anniversary of surgical strike.